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Words of Encouragement

Care for One Another

As we wrap up our Weekly Encouragement messages for the summer, we turn our focus to a few more “one another” verses from the New Testament.

In Romans 14, Paul writes “Do not judge one another, and don’t put a stumbling block in a brother’s way.” According to David Kinnaman (in his book unChristian) one of the critiques that millennials have of Christians is that they are judgmental of others. Paul is talking about being judgmental of one another, brothers and sisters in faith. He calls us to not be nit-picky about little things that may cause that brother or sister to stumble in faith.

In Ephesians 4, Paul encourages believers to speak the truth to one another in love. Sometimes the truth without love can be harsh (and it can actually sound like judgment). Sometimes love without the truth can be wishy washy. Paul combines the two so that the spoken truth is palatable and so that demonstrated love has a solid foundation.

In Galatians 6, Paul calls on Christians to bear the burdens of one another. If your load isn’t currently heavy (and maybe even if it is), and you see a brother or sister being troubled physically, emotionally or spiritually, step in and lend a listening ear, a helping hand, or a shoulder to cry on.

Finally, the letter of James urges us to pray for one another. This takes our care and concern for a brother or sister in the faith to another level… a heavenly level, placing that believer into the hands and the heart of a loving Father for whom there is no problem too big or too little. Pray for the burdens of a brother, pray for the actions of a sister, pray for the character of that fellow believer. That’s what it means to be part of the Body of Christ. WE care for one another because:

  • Jesus Christ cared for us
  • Jesus Christ bore the burden of our sins on the cross
  • Jesus Christ spoke the truth to us with great compassion and love
  • Jesus Christ came not to judge but to save
  • Prayer: Lord Jesus, as we experience your ministry to us - salvation, truth, burden-bearing, love - may we bring those same blessings to one another. Amen.

    Written by Pastor Laverne Hautz